Midnight Ambience Spray

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3 and 24, I can't sleep.
An idea into my head, that's how I am.
I get up, change and fly to the lab.
As I drive, I visualize what's in my head
I arrive at the lab, turn on the instruments, wash the dirty beaker from the night before, take my notebook, turn to the shelves on which I place the raw materials, and take the musk plus.
I need to give it a good base... 0.3 vanillin, 0.5 neroli, a drop of rose absolute, the smell of pencil cannot be missing, cedarwood... and I write the scent of the night.
The night is special to me for its light, it's a second life. I wait for the night to dream, I smell him and I'm alive.
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TOP NOTE: Mandarin, Bergamot, Pink pepper berries, Sugar dragees, Apricot jelly, Neroli, Violet leaves
MIDDLE NOTE:Peony, Rose, Milk of Iris, Vanilla
BASE NOTE: Vanilla, Cedarwood, Musk

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