Meo Fusciuni

3# nota di viaggio (ciavuru d’amuri)

Eau de Parfum

A perfume dedicated to the love of my land, my roots, Sicily. I was born in the South, in a place that I thought would be my eternal island. Ciavuru d'amuri means perfume of love and is an olfactory journey backwards, into my memory. It tells of my childhood, the time of my youth, a dedication to my mother and grandmother, a special dedication to my father, Bartolomeo. I remember the fig tree, its body was large and it created shade in my grandmother Vincenza's flower garden. There I spent the carefree time of childhood. The 3# note opens in the milky green of Fig, in the bitterness of Artemisia and Bergamot. Everything is gentle with time and white, like mothers' robes, like the sun of Sicily. The heart of Ciavuru d'amuri is a floral bouquet of Jasmine and Ylang-Ylang. It was the white flowers that created the reflections of light that still illuminate my eyes with emotion.
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Evening was approaching, we were returning home, after long walks, the austere notes of Incense and the warm woody notes of Cedar and Sandalwood leaning on the sweetness of Benzoin, everything became familiar to my memory, like a sacred summer procession. I remember the voices, softly telling ancient stories, we were sitting around the table, still there under the dew of my grandmother's large Fig tree. In this scent I recounted one of the most intimate chapters of my life.

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