Meo Fusciuni



Meo Fusciuni's room fragrance was born from the need to give an olfactory memory to the environment around us, to give it a name, an intensity, an emotion. An olfactory space, a place where time takes on an odorous memory, a moment in which we share with ourselves or with others the encounter, the word, the breath, the air around us.

Calura : it was summer, in the already warm morning, the sea was calling me, the deep longing for its return. Calura is my memory as a child, away from my native island, when in a melancholic autumn, I longed to return to the beach just a few steps from my house in Sicily; sea notes blending with a bergamot tea.

"The ambient scent, like music, fills the gaps of space, enters our life, accompanies our time. Like a night, like a clear day, like a longing for summer."

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