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Little Song

Eau de Parfum

Little song tells of the metamorphosis of time, which inexorably passes, through our lives. A perfume that tells of my loneliness and my intimate feeling of time passing and changing things. Little song speaks to the past. How to tell the story of passing time? How to find the scent of metamorphosis? In the initial vibration of its citrusy, spicy notes, I hear hope. Little song is a small song repeated ad infinitum, it is a cup of coffee, left alone on the table in my studio, the scent of its bottom, intense, aromatic, from there, I started to remember.
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Little song is a bouquet of roses held in my hand. I looked for depth in the Rose, I looked for the poetry of its petals, slowly drying, deep, dusty feeling. Little song is a daily ritual, the cigarette now consumed between the fingers, the pungent tobacco brings the gaze far away, Kafka's pages repeated from memory. A scent of earth and smoke, of roots and resins. Finally, even time has its scent. I keep writing this little song endlessly, like a dirge. Little song is a narrow space, it is a deep connection with life, with the past. A perfume that shakes the heart, that reaches the depths of the human soul.

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