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I was in Cambodia, a long journey up the Mekong, in search of forgetfulness as salvation. The banks of the great river, the dry season of spring, faint and shining notes of Helichrysum, Frankincense and Orange, open this flow, in a golden river, a shining labyrinth of the soul. The sound of drums in the night, overpowering the silence in the temple, is the dawn of a new day. Oblivion recounts man's journey in search of forgetfulness, Tiziano Terzani as a spiritual and literary guide. An invitation to travel, an ever closer bond with the East.
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Memory flows slowly, amidst the vegetal and smoky notes of Mate Tobacco, the welcome of Iris speaks to the soul, we are now in the heart of Oblivion. When the long journey is drawing to a close, the suave woody notes of Sandalwood and Palo Santo take us back to the depths of balance. Only the sunset is missing to define the end, but Oblivion remains, like an eternal scent, like dust in ancient temples. A perfume that not only recounts a journey, but celebrates a close bond between memory and forgetfulness. Oblivion is a spiral of stillness.

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