Meo Fusciuni


Eau de Parfum

Luce draws inspiration from the perfect harmony of Louis Kahn's architecture, works in balance, a meeting point between silence and light. I wanted to use my creative sensibility to give voice to nature and its elements, as if they were architectural bodies against the backdrop of nature. Luce stems from my desire for stillness, my desire to create a balance between nature and man, between light and silence. An olfactory architecture of the soul.
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The sensory translation of this fragrance opens with the harmony of Birch and Spruce notes, like a plant song at dawn, a slow awakening, a silent presence of man. The absolute balance between Light and Silence is fully manifested in its heart. The intensity and harmony of Sandalwood, Patchouli and Tobacco warm the soul. Quietness finds its fulfilment in the deep bottom of this creation, a precious bed of Amber and Musks, enveloping the warm notes of Cedar. Vanilla, Benzoin and a superfine Leather celebrate this journey into an imaginary inner garden. A fragrance that envelops, protects, spreading its Light far and wide.

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