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Odor 93

Eau de Parfum

Odor 93 is a journey into a fairytale world. An emotional dedication to Current 93 and its founder, David Tibet. The odorous fairy tale opens its curtain amid smoky, spicy notes. The ritual of the tale is celebrated; the fog hides the event from view, enhances our imagination, this dreamlike journey. Our steps become slower and slower and the perfume opens the heart of the fairy tale. The olfactory current of Odor 93 floats on the haunting notes of the Tuberose and Narcissus accord.
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A fragrant novena in which extras and protagonists take part, dramatic figures in an enchanted forest of Northern Europe. If you close your eyes and listen as you walk, you will hear grotesque characters from your imagination and as if by magic, the journey becomes wonder, fairy tale. The dim light of dawn begs for space, among the dense branches of the forest, perfume spreads its roots, a woody, smoky, animal background awakens us from our journey. Dream or reality? Perfume is a soul drawing our shadow, and the shadow is a grotesque character from our imagination. Each of us, around a fire, has told or listened to fantastic stories, fairy tales and legends; Odor 93 draws you into the heart of that fire, to discover the secret of the quest, the secret of the current.

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