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Varanasi is inspired by my trip to India experienced in 2017, it tells what of India remained in my heart, mind, soul and nose.
Varanasi is a sacred and profane place of smell, full of contrasts and meanings. I composed this perfume letting myself be guided by the visceral emotion I felt the day I felt the sacred water of the Ganges in my hands, tried to search my olfactory memory and found the source from which everything was created. Varanasi is an olfactory mandala, where the aquatic and animal notes of Ambergris lull our souls. The ritual begins with the warm, red spicy notes of Saffron, Nutmeg and Cardamom.
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A vertiginous approach to the floral heart, amulets of Roses and Jasmine, a dusty, woody body of Ambrette and Cypriol. Like a Sadhu clad in white ash, the ritual takes shape amid the sacred notes of Nard, Incense and Gurjum. The perfume becomes a magical, uncompromising experience. A swirling chant rises in the Varanasi night, the temple, shadows walking around, Oud, Vetiver and a mystic leather chord, enveloping our bodies. Sounds of unknown instruments. On the slow river, dawn arrives, Varanasi is the place where spirituality sublimates the human being. Where souls try to find refuge. Varanasi is a magnetic perfume.

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