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Embodies the force of Desire, an elemental emotion with the power to shape destinies and forge connections across the unfathomable depths of human experience. The freshness of a Marine Accord blends seamlessly with the coolness of Mint, evoking the sudden, refreshing crash of a wave. Anchoring this exhilarating introduction are notes of Vetiver and Cypriol, drawing from the Earth to provide depth and balance. Star Anise and Sandalwood provide a warm and sweet embrace reminiscent of the sun’s glow on sea-worn sand while Ambrettolide and Carrot Seed introduce a faintly carnal twist, echoing the raw, primal essence of nature’s undirected desires. Designed for those who are drawn to the mysterious depths of relationships and emotion, DEZIRO offers a refreshing yet profound experience that appeals to the adventurous spirit within.
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Top notes: Italian mandarin, marine accord
Heart notes: star anise, SFE carrot seed, cypriol, mint, geranium
Base notes: Haitian vetiver, Australian sandalwood

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