Perris Portofino

Fiori di mare Candle


An enveloping and creamy scented candle, which releases sensual and sparkling notes, creating a unique and exclusive atmosphere. The scented candle reveals a head of Pink Pepper and Grapefruit, enriched by a Salt Powder Accord. The floral heart is made by the notes of Peony, White Rose and Jasmine. The enveloping sillage is given by the power of the base notes with Sandalwood and Patchouli, with sweet touches of Vanilla and Musk.

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A new line of scented candles, inspired by the iconic beauty of Portofino, a place of Italian tradition,
surrounded by the Mediterranean sea.
Each candle has been made using special artisanal techniques, which make the product unique and
exclusive. The candle is created by a manual filtering of a mix of waxes, created solely for Perris Portofino. Any flaw of the wax is due to the natural effect given by the thermal sensitivity during processing. The combustion takes place slowly, to favor a better diffusion of the fragrance in the room.

To ensure the best experience from your scented candle, we recommend:
• Do not burn your candle for more than 1,5 hours at a time. This will prevent the flame from
becoming too high, which creates smoke and could stain the sides of the glass.
• Allow the candle to solidify before relighting it or move it.
• Restraighten the wick in the wax after each use for consistent consumption of the wax.
• Regularly cut the wick (ideal length 5 mm) so that the wick does not stick to the wax and
prevents the candle from emitting smoke.
• Keep the wax pool clear of matches and debris.
• Do not use the candle if the remaining wax level in the glass is less than 5 mm.
• Do not leave the burning candle unattended. Keep away from children, curtains, and pets.
• Do not move a burning candle or when the wax is still hot. Wait for the wax to solidify.
• Do not place the candle on heat-sensitive surfaces, near flammable materials, an open window,
or other candles.
BURNING TIME: nearly 40hours

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