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GLOWY FACE CREAM SPF 50+ is a multifunctional cream specifically for face, neck and décolleté with a very high broad spectrum protection factor, anti-aging and anti-pollution properties.

€28,70 €41,00
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Thanks to its moisturizing and emollient formula and its light glow effect, it is the perfect ally for a luminous and protected skin every day, even in hectic city life.
The exclusive formula based on Vitamin E, allows to reduce skin stress and prevent skin aging. Enriched with Apricot Oil and Jojoba Oil, it helps maintain skin elasticity and protects the skin from damage caused by atmospheric agents, such as cold, wind, UV rays. Thanks to Blueberry Extract and Aloe Vera is suitable even for the most sensitive skin, for a soothing effect, calming irritations and reducing possible redness.

Thanks to the presence of Allantoin, a powerful antioxidant, promotes tissue repair by deeply moisturizing the skin and regenerating it.
Extract of Blueberry and Aloe Vera make GLOWY FACE CREAM SPF 50+ suitable even for the most sensitive and reactive skin. The former is useful to improve skin microcirculation while Aloe Vera acts mainly as a skin moisturizer and soothing, able to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin and to calm irritations reducing possible redness.

The texture is very light and invisible on all skin types, it absorbs quickly giving a slight glow effect, able to give the skin a healthy and bright appearance.

The fragrance of Monoi de Tahiti, which for GLOWY FACE CREAM SPF 50+ has been calibrated and made more delicate and light to be more suitable for face skin, that is thinner and more sensitive.
This fragrance is able to give a real sensory experience.

The ophthalmic tube is made of Green PE, a 100% recyclable and ecological material. While traditional plastic uses fossil sourced raw materials such as oil or natural gas, Green PE is a plastic produced from sugarcane, a renewable raw material. Green PE captures and fixes CO2 from the atmosphere during its production, helping to reduce greenhouse gases emission. Moreover, Green PE retains the same properties, performance and application versatility of polyethylene from fossil origin and it can also be recycled within the same chain of recycling traditional PE.

The secondary case containing DARLING GLOWY FACE CREAM is made of the highest quality 100% recycled and biodegradable paper, FSC certified.

Water Resistant
Cruelty free
Nickel Tested
Paraben Free
100% Made in Italy

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