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INCUBO is ADJIUMI's third celebratory cube. Its black takes on urban nuances, intense. It is a fragrance that expresses the desire to discover, the urge to excite and the taste to capture. It is not easy to turn a seventeen year old story into a fragrance to be shared. INCUBO, the new ADJIUMI celebratory perfume, tells of all the beauty of black.
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To smell black is mini- malist and maximalist at the same time. A perfume is a project on a body. We used two strong elements to demonstrate this: black, an essential colour that demands perfection, and a unique raw material, liquorice, which is wrapped around the body like a sheath dress. The new black is made to measure. Intense or impalpable, black can be customised in its infinite facets, thus embodying a multitude of colours. facets, thus embodying multiple personalities. If you wear black, you are not necessarily a dark, a goth. But you must be aware that, if you agree to wear it, you carry with you a dense history of symbolism and messages. The black raw material of INCUBO, refined liquorice, is deep and severe. INCUBO is a dense, velvety a dense, velvety, politely fresh fragrance with an exquisite bittersweet aroma and balsamic facets. balsamic and woody facets. It is not so much a question of choosing the ideal perfume, but of understanding the way in which you want to perfume yourself. scent. With black, we rediscover a new essence. The perfume is under the banner of an 'olfactory entertain- olfactory ment', where the key word is: sharing.

The notes of INCUBO
Head: Bergamot, Lemon
Heart: Blackcurrant, Black Tea, Plum, Liquorice, Helichrysum, Iris
Base: Vanilla, Vetiver, Leather

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