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Lift Lightening Peeling


Helps to prevent and correct dark spots for a brighter and more radiant appearance.

Skin type: all skin types

Apply to face, neck, chest and hands

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Suitable for all skin types, our Lift Lightening Peeling helps lightening dark spots, refreshes your skin and makes it look brighter and glowing with natural radiance.

Lift Lightening Peeling accelerates cell turnover, increases elastin and stimulates collagen production naturally. Lift Lightening Peeling unclogs pores, regenerates and oxygenates the skin that also increases cell circulation and improves absorption of other beneficial skin care ingredients.

Lift Lightening Peeling is a vital skincare product for keeping your skin smooth and healthy. It is your new daily essential that delays the skin aging process and refines skin texture. Lift Lightening Peeling visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin becomes more beautiful, luminous after the very first use.

Liposome of stabilized Vitamin C that is used to formulate our peeling is a lightening agent, it is highly effective for hyperpigmentation and treating dark spots. It was developed by our Swiss Pharmaceutical laboratories to help reduce the appearance of pigmentation clusters.

Lift Lightening Peeling slows down the aging process, boosts hydration and delivers an overall invigorating and uplifting experience. It leaves the skin feeling luxurious, elegant, beautifully soft, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Lift Lightening Peeling is a part of Skin Fitness Collection – a skincare collection of innovative products formulated to prevent and slow the aging process of mature skin while keeping it healthy.

All Perris Swiss Laboratory Products are suitable for sensitive skin.

Beauty benefits
Lightens and helps to prevent dark spots for brighter skin
Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Lifts, smooths and improves complexion radiance and evenness
Hydrates the skin
Awakens skin for a smoother, more luminous appearance
Daily massage helps renew and regenerate skin
Helps to prevent loss of elasticity
Firms the skin the same way an exercise firms your body

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