Parco 1923


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The micro-particles of “Pietra Gentile”, a native, calcareous and particularly porous rock, remove dead cells with a light scrub, stimulating their natural turnover and preparing the skin to receive the benefits of the active ingredients infused in the cleanser.

The extracts of Iris and Tree Moss perform an astringent and purifying action, while Angelica and Honeysuckle, known for their calming properties, help to soothe irritated skin. The formulation contains extracts of endemic plants and flowers of the Park, together with surfactants of natural origin that respect the hydrolipidic film, making this cleanser a panacea even for the most damaged hands. Slightly foaming, it does not dehydrate the skin, but makes it smooth, velvety and delicately scented thanks to the fresh and revitalizing notes of the PARCO1923 fragrance.

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