Parco 1923



The perfumed notes of the PARCO1923 fragrance are infused into a shampoo with a characteristic black color, thanks to the addition of pure charcoal powder. Acting like a magnet, the natural charcoal powder attracts and absorbs the organic and inorganic impurities of the surrounding environment such as smog or polluting particles, giving a prolonged feeling of cleanliness and freshness. Juniper extracts, with balsamic and revitalizing properties, reactivate the microcirculation and help strengthen the hair fiber from the roots, making the hair silky and luminous.

It is ideal for treating hair that is stressed, subjected to a polluted environment or damaged by aggressive treatments or the sun. Formulated with natural surfactants, thanks to its delicate and respectful formulation of the natural hydrolipidic film of the hair it is suitable for frequent use.

100% Natural charcoal powder, ecocert & allergen free.

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