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Dermo cleansing gel fragrance free
Skin type: all skin types including sensitive skin
Apply to Face and eyes

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Gentle Cleanser Urban Protection is an integral part of daily skincare beauty routine for all skin types including sensitive skin. Perris Swiss Laboratory gentle cleanser combines the cleaning qualities by removing make-up, impurities, oil and pollution but also nourishes the skin leaving it soft, comfortable and clean.

A luxurious cleanser gently cleans your face skin without drying it while maintaining the healthy barrier of your skin, restoring and preserving its optimal pH.

Tocopherol that is used in formulating the cleanser is rich in antioxidants that energizes and tones your skin. The gel-like texture of Gentle Cleanser Urban Protection is soft and light; it is gentle enough to be used a few times a day.

Gentle Cleanser Urban Protection is a part of Skin Fit Youth Collection – a skincare collection of innovative products formulated to prevent the first signs of aging while keeping the health and wellbeing of your skin.

All Perris Swiss Laboratory Products are suitable for sensitive skin.

Beauty Benefits
Cleanses the skin without drying it: removes make-up* and impurities
Comfortable and smooth care
Suitable for fragile and delicate skin
Helps to restore & preserve the physiological pH of the skin
Enriched in anti-oxidant ingredient
*except waterproof make-up

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