Cristian Cavagna

Murice Imperiale

Extrait de Parfum

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Riding the waves of the sea, challenging sea monsters, the tuberose cried in the rain and dried in the sun. Has embroidered a block of ambergris and danced with absolute of red algae. He defended the right to the roots with all his might, clinging to a coral.


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Its petals, soaked in salt water, are impregnated with pora, obtained from the secretion of a mollusc, one of the few ancient dyes that does not lose intensity with time, but that becomes brighter with exposure to sunlight. An indelible pigment, like the intensity of an Extrait de Parfum. With Murice Imperiale I tried to give a perfume to the color, called red of Tyre, through notes of rhubarb. There is a tuberose plantation in the sea. The mermaid made it possible cultivation, harvesting, from the foamy shoreline of the sea, the murice and the precious flower contained in it... The tuberose is a white flower from afar, brought from far away.
Don’t call her a marina.
It’s an underwater, moist, mineral tuberose.

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