Perris Monte Carlo

Arancia di Sicilia

Eau de Parfum


ARANCIA DI SICILIA will immediately transport you to the wonderful Italian island, at
the foothills of Mount Etna, where the blood orange grows, the star of this fragrance.
The citrusy heart is enriched with almond, vanilla, and coffee absolute. A tribute to
the flavors and scents of the island, this fragrance evokes the atmosphere of warm
Sicilian mornings, savoring a fresh blood orange granita and enjoying delicious
Sicilian sweets.

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In perfumery, the essential oil of bitter orange is predominantly used. The quality of blood orange deserves separate consideration, especially when cultivated at the
foothills of Mount Etna, distinguished by its intense red color and complex, aromatic sweetness. The essential oil is extracted through two methods; in the first, the oil is
extracted without coming into contact with the juice, which is intended for beverages. At the end of the season, a second method is used; blood oranges are first pressed,
bringing the oil in the peel into contact with the juice. Then, they go through a separator to separate the liquid from the residues and, finally, centrifuges are used to separate the oil from the juice.

Head: Sanguinella Brown Orange, Sanguinella Sfuma Torchio Orange
Heart: Almond Accord, Cinnamon
Base: Cistus Labdanum Absolute, Coffee Absolute, Iris, Musk, Amber

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