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Arancia di Sicilia

Eau de Parfum

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Essential oil of red or blood oranges has never been particularly prized in perfumery. But here our history crossed paths with Capua, the symbol of Italian excellence in citrus fruit extraction since 1880, and everything changed.


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The Capua family, who are just as passionate about perfume as we are, has created a two-stage extraction method. It is one of those secret masterpieces that appear here and there, particularly in southern Italy, and its story is worth telling. First, the essential oil is extracted from the peel, brown and concentrated; next, when completely ripe, the whole fruits are pressed, passed through a sfumatorchio extractor and centrifuged to separate the essential oil from the juice.

This is how our Arancia di Sicilia was born: the sublimation of a symbolic fruit, capturing the sunshine, colours and perfumes of the island on a spring morning. To enable you to appreciate both the sweetness and energy from the deepest layers of the earth, we have added Musk and Amber to the heart, and, to finish, an intense aroma of Coffee Absolute.

Head notes: Sanguinella Brown Orange, Sanguinella Sfuma Torchio Orange
Heart notes: Almond Accord, Cinnamon
Base notes: Cistus Labdanum Absolute, Coffee Absolute, Iris, Musk, Amber

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