Perris Monte Carlo

Santal du Pacifique

Eau de Parfum


Santal du Pacifique will accompany you on an adventure to unexplored territories; this Sandalwood is native to the area south of the Tropic of Cancer, between Asia and Oceania. Its woody, warm, and velvety notes intertwine with floral notes of Orchid and Violet, enhancing its sweet and intoxicating side.

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The use of sandalwood is typical in Indian regions and is often used in religious rituals and funerals. After a period of great popularity, sandalwood is now on the verge of extinction and is a protected species in India. Therefore, Perris Monte Carlo utilizes Sandalwood oil according to the "giving back" policy – for every tree cut, 50 more are planted.

Head: Carrot
Heart: Orchid, Violet, Gurjum Balsam
Base: Sandalwood, Musk

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