Perris Monte Carlo

Santal du Pacifique

Eau de Parfum

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We are south of the Tropic of Cancer, between Asia and Oceania. From here, this tall, not particularly attractive tree reached India.

The essence is extracted from the heart of the trunks, and its intense, mystical scent pervades Hindu and Buddhist ceremonies, released by burning incense sticks. Today it is an increasingly rare, protected species. But thanks to painstaking research and by giving back - 50 new trees are planted for every tree felled -, we were able to use the finest pure, essential Sandalwood oil of all. The result is a hypnotic, mysterious olfactory tale.


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Warm, woody, velvety notes are interwoven with floral hints. Wearing it today is a sweet, exhilarating experience that frees the mind and opens the way to our deepest layers of conscience.

Our sustainability commitment: Our sandalwood is sourced with giving back to the environment. For every sandalwood cut, another 50 is planted.

Head notes: Carrot

Heart notes: Creamy, Orchid, Violet, Gurjum Balsam

Base notes: Pacific Sandalwood, Musk

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