Perris Monte Carlo

Mandarino di Sicilia

Eau de Parfum


MANDARINO DI SICILIA will immediately transport you to the wonderful Italian island, to a field of mandarins on a sunny day where the rays warm the fruits, releasing their entire fragrance. At the heart of the fragrance, there are three different essential oils: the first comes from a fraction of green mandarin, very delicate and volatile, the second from the complete essential oil, and the third from yellow mandarin.

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Mandarin is a complex citrus fruit. During the cycle from flower to unripe fruit to mature fruit, its fragrances vary significantly. Thanks to innovation and technology in
new extraction methods, it is now possible to obtain raw materials that recreate the scent of the fruit in all its parts and moments of harvest.

Head: Green Mandarin, Bitter Orange, Yellow Mandarin, Petitgrain Paraguay
Heart: Jasmin Absolute, Geranium, Orange Blossom
Base: Cedarwood, Amber, Musk

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