Perris Monte Carlo

Jasmin de Pays

Eau de Parfum


JASMIN DE PAYS is a tribute to the jasmine that grows in Grasse, a white flower with a unique, delicate, and powerful fragrance. Here, Jean-Claude Ellena has skillfully added
Clove, Marigold, and Musk to enhance its most hidden olfactory nuances to the fullest.

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"I have a devotion for jasmine that dates back to my childhood in Grasse. As a child, at dawn, I would pick one by one between my thumb, index, and middle finger, the jasmine flower, transparent white like porcelain; its tender, green, and light scent would intoxicate me. Around noon, the last white petals released a warm smell of orange blossom. The forgotten and yellowed flowers emitted rich, animalistic, and deep scents in the evening. In this awareness, the work of nature provided enough information to think differently about perfume and play with its elements, varying the effects so that the fragrance is unique and remains eternally Jasmine."
Jean Claude Ellena

Head: Jasmine Absolute
Heart: Clove, Tagete
Base: Musk

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