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Cacao Aztèque

Eau de Parfum


CACAO AZTÈQUE will transport you to the magical land of the Aztecs, exploring their ancient traditions. Inspired by "Xocolatl"an Aztec beverage also known as the "food of the gods" because it was believed to bestow the power and wisdom of the  gods. Here, Cacao Absolute is expertly blended with Spices and Rum to create a perfect olfactory balance.

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Cacao is native to Central America, and the Aztecs were among the first to discover it, understand its unique properties, and present it to the world. It is said that Hernàn
Cortés, during his journey to Mexico City, discovered the importance of cacao beans. Cacao comes from an evergreen tree that produces oblong fruits. Once mature, they take on a reddish hue and can contain up to forty cacao beans each.

Head: Black Pepper, Pink Pepper, Cardamom
Heart: Rhum Absolute, Orchid, Pittosporum, Tuberose Absolute
Base: Sandalwood, Cacao Absolute, Musk

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