Perris Monte Carlo

Bergamotto di Calabria

Eau de Parfum


BERGAMOTTO DI CALABRIA will transport you along the sunny and lush coast of
Southern Italy; a fragrance that contains the precious raw material "bergamot"; extracted through a manual process by compressing the fruit's peel on a natural sponge to collect its essence. A return to origins and traditional extraction techniques has allowed the use of the exceptional-quality essence of Calabrian bergamot.

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Bergamot fruits grow in Calabria, along the 140 km of the Ionian coast. Bergamot is a hybrid of bitter orange and lemon. There are three types of bergamot: Femminiello,
Castagnaro, and Fantastico. The essence obtained through sponge pressing is the best part, more delicate and complex than that extracted with a peeler, characterized
by fruity and floral notes.

Head: Bergamot Sponge, Petitgrain Paraguay, Timur Pepper, Pink Pepper
Heart: Orange Flower Water, Moroccan Neroli, Absolue Orange Blossom, Jasmin Absolute
Base: Iris, Sandalwood, Vetiver Haiti, Musk

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